Kaweco  129 years of History

In the year 1883, at a small shop near Heidelberg‘s University everything started. In the beginning writing things and accessories were sold mainly to professors and students. In the course of the time the small shop became a production unit which influenced under the brand name „Kaweco“ the international writing industry to a considerable extent in the years to come. Kaweco developed more and more innovative products. From the dip pens, eye-droppers and safety-fountain pens to the piston-pens as well as twist- and push-pencils up to markers and ballpoint pens. All the time the  development of new products, the company owners, the employees and workers stood behind Kaweco‘s big success which continued over decades. There is no history of a company without human work, and only good and successful products leave their tracks in the market. To the leading products of the early days belonged the safety-fountain pens, the market introduction of gold nibs made in Germany, the signing pen with ink (a precursor of the later marker pen), the pocket fountain pen Kaweco Sport, twist pencils, first fountain pens in injection moulding technique and much more. Vision and untiring efforts, with love and passion for details and the products, made Kaweco famous worldwide. Passing on of know-how from generation to generation and from owner to owner is also a part of it. I would like to take the opportunitiy to say „thank you“ to our many loyal customers and friends of Kaweco.  Especially to the Grube family (former owners) who always backed us up in amicable closeness with moral and practical support.

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Kaweco Ink Cartridges
Kaweco Ink Cartridges ..
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