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Stabilo Exam Grade School College SET - 4 x HB Pencils, Eraser, Sharpener
The Stabilo Exam Grade range is made especially for student exams - the one stop section for your exam needs!! This set is perfect for any student about to start their exam season.Pack includes Exam Grade 4 x HB Pencils, Exam Grade Sharpner & Exam Grade PVC Free Eraser. Darker, Cl..
Stabilo GREENColors
Pack of 18 super Stabilo GREENcolor Pencils Environmentally friendly coloured pencils Specially developed pencils made from 100% FSC-certified wood Traditional hexagonal shape with natural white stripes and matt coating High quality breakproof coloured leads..
Stabilo GREENgraph HB Pencil
GREENgraph - Specially developed graphite pencils, made from 100 % FSC-certified wood. FSC represents strictly controlled, ecologically meaningful and sustainable forest management. STABILO is the first FSC-certified writing instruments manufacturer and hence a pioneer in the indus..
Stabilo GREENlighter Bright Colouring Pencils
Fluorescent glow pencil highlighlighters from  Stabilo with a 'Green conscience'   Wood from guaranteed sustainably managed forests 100% FSC Pack of 3 Bright Colours - great for when no show through is of key importance Lead thickness: 5.5 mm Recommended fo..
Stabilo GREENPoint Sign Pen
Long lasting, fast drying vivid ink colours from the Stabilo GreenPoint Sign Pen. Nylon tipped pen with hexagonal orange barrel and a strong, durable tip. 0.8mm line width in long lasting fast drying vivid ink. Used to underline text or daw attention to text by writing in colour. ..
Stabilo Legend Eraser
Stabilo Legend 1198 Erasers - A classic eraser for everyday erasing of graphite mistakes. PVC erasers without plasticiser Effective on a huge variety of papers ..
Stabilo Pen 68 fibre tipped pens
A fibre-tipped pen which produces a line width of 1mm. wallet contains 10 pens in a choice of vibrant colours providing good coverage. plastic barrel colour matches ink colour with white stripes. pen's rounded nib is pressure-protected. water-based universal pigmented..
Stabilo Sharpener for EASYcolors and EASYgraph pencils
A reliable ergonomic sharpener from Stabilo for our Easy range of pencils In particular, ideal for use with the EASYgraph pencil and EASYcolours colouring pencils There are two sharpeners, designed for either left (yellow) or right handed (red) users. ..
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