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Bucket of 12 Sio-2 Colorplus Air Drying Clay 75gm

Brand: Adeland
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Bucket of 12 Sio-2 Colorplus Air Drying Clay 75gm

  • Coloured natural air-drying clay. No firing is necessary. After drying, it achieves hardness, strength and solidity of fired ceramics ("cold ceramics”).
  • It is available in 12 bright colours: white, yellow, orange, rose, red, brown, light green, green, light blue, blue, lilac and black. The colours can be mixed; therefore unlimited shades of colour can be easily obtained.
  • It comes in 3 sizes: 75g, 500g and 1.5kg.
  • It is very adequate material for development of creative and perception skills (plastic expression). Suitable for children (from 3 years old) but especially, it is an unique material, ideal for handicrafts and professional creative arts, because it can be used as a substitute of classic ceramics ("cold ceramics").
  • It is also suitable material for in-house decoration ("home-déco").
  • This clay has very good plasticity for modelling. Its natural clay components provides an excellent plasticity to the modelled item and the presence of natural fibbers of cellulose allows a secure drying, free of cracks and fissures, even with large pieces.
  • At touch, it has smooth and fine texture. It allows modelling very fine details.
  • It can be moulded and, most of all, it can be thrown on a potter's wheel.
  • It is easily cleaned with water and a cloth. Any rest of the product is easily removed from all surfaces and furniture with a humid cloth.
  • It does not smell.
  • Once dry, the clay can be painted or varnished with any type of paint or varnish. It can be also polished, carved or drilled.


The product is conforms to the European regulation EN-71 and to USA regulation (seal AP non toxic product).

The clay remains unalterable in its original packaging for a minimum period of two years.



  • Compared to natural pottery clays, Sio-2® COLORPLUS is available in nice and bright colours and does not need
  • firing. Once dry, the item becomes very solid and hard and can be decorated or varnished. The clay allows creating
  • objects with difficult drying, free of cracks and fissures while drying.
  • Compared to the natural clay Sio-2 PLUS®, the clay Sio-2® COLORPLUS displays brighter colours and more wide
  • range of colours (12). The white colour of Sio-2® COLORPLUS is a pure white, which allows obtaining, when mixed
  • with others colours, unlimited shades of lively and bright colours. Once finished, the piece is more solid and hard,
  • which is the reason why this clay is more suitable for handicrafts and professional creative arts.
  • Compared to the other air-drying clays, Sio-2® COLORPLUS is composed of natural minerals and clays with
  • plasticity noticeable at touch, but especially, recognizable by the lack of aggressive smell, typical for the synthetic
  • clays. As opposed to the other commercial clays, the Sio-2® COLORPLUS can be thrown on a potter’s wheel and
  • guarantees a long-lasting and solid result after drying (“cold ceramics”). It is ideal for interior decoration (“home
  • déco”).

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