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Brunnen Pocket Hole Punch - White, Other Colours Available
Can be stored in a file, suitable for 2 or 4 holes Ruler embossing Pressure bar function ..
Kokuyo Harinacs Medium Staple-Free-Stapler
Description Kokuyo Harinacs Medium Staple-Free-Stapler - colour green This innovative and quirky product,  unlike standard staples it punches a slit into the paper, binding a number of sheets together securely, without the need of a metal stapler. Binds paper without using m..
Maped Ergologic Full Strip Stapler 26/6
Stapler with handy features making lightwork of organising your home and office life     Includes stock compartment in base for spare staples so you're never without!    Able to pin 20-25 sheets of 80gsm at a time.    Takes 26/6 staples. ..
Maped Ergological Hole Punch
This stylish 2-hole punch is ideal for home or every day office use   20 sheet capacity when using 80gsm paper New ergonomic design using soft feel materials Unique paper alignment indicator guarantees accurate punching every time Available in three colours (Red, ..
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