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BIC Cristal - Medium
An ecomomical, long lasting biro packed with the essential features you'd expect of  a writing instrument. Quality ink, quick drying and smooth writing Tungsten carbide ball, perfect sphere and very resistant Medium point: 1.0mm, line width 0.4mm ..
Brunnen White Fountain Pen
Ergonomic soft feel rubber grip zone Suitable for right and left handers Pen length 13cm Straight form, silver clip ..
Stabilo EASY Original Rollerball Pen
The moulded ergonomic non slip grip zone on the EASY pen encourages right and left handed children to hold the pen using the recommended tripod grasp. They grip with less pressure and use less pressure when writing as the ink flows smoothly like a fountain pen. The result is reduced fatigue and..
Stabilo EASYGraph Pencil for Left/Right Handed
The Stabilo EasyGraph pencil is the first ergonomically designed wooden graphite pencil which has versions for both left and right handed users.   The pencil has been designed for children learning to write and school children aged five and above. Stabilo EasyGraph pencils..
Stabilo Exam Grade School College SET - 4 x HB Pencils, Eraser, Sharpener
The Stabilo Exam Grade range is made especially for student exams - the one stop section for your exam needs!! This set is perfect for any student about to start their exam season.Pack includes Exam Grade 4 x HB Pencils, Exam Grade Sharpner & Exam Grade PVC Free Eraser. Darker, Cl..
Stabilo Sharpener for EASYcolors and EASYgraph pencils
A reliable ergonomic sharpener from Stabilo for our Easy range of pencils In particular, ideal for use with the EASYgraph pencil and EASYcolours colouring pencils There are two sharpeners, designed for either left (yellow) or right handed (red) users. ..
Staedtler Triplus Ball Pen
Another fabulous Rollerball pen we can't compliment enough - perfect for everyday writing as well as in exams   Staedtler’s Triplus Ball is an excellent quality ballpoint pen with an innovative triangular ergonomic design. Thanks to DrySafe technology this pen can be left u..
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