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Brunnen Ruler 15 cm
15cm Ruler from Brunnen - equally as impressive as the 30cm version Who would have thought that so many design features could be packed into a ruler.     Suitable for right and left handers     Ergonomically designed grip at the centre of the ruler ..
Clear Pencil Case 20 x 12cm
A clear pencil case ideal for carrying your journaling products on the move The clear case makes it easy to see the contents Also ideal for use in examinations and tests, where visibility of contents is demanded ..
Stabilo BOSS Highlighters
The original vibrant highlighter and Europe's Number 1 in a wallet of 4 assorted colours Long cap off time - up to 4 hours Refillable Wedge tip draws broad lines, highlights and underlines The only highlighter that comes in 9 fluorescent colours &..
Stabilo Exam Grade School College SET - 4 x HB Pencils, Eraser, Sharpener
The Stabilo Exam Grade range is made especially for student exams - the one stop section for your exam needs!! This set is perfect for any student about to start their exam season.Pack includes Exam Grade 4 x HB Pencils, Exam Grade Sharpner & Exam Grade PVC Free Eraser. Darker, Cl..
Stabilo Legend Eraser
Stabilo Legend 1198 Erasers - A classic eraser for everyday erasing of graphite mistakes. PVC erasers without plasticiser Effective on a huge variety of papers ..
Stabilo Sharpener for EASYcolors and EASYgraph pencils
A reliable ergonomic sharpener from Stabilo for our Easy range of pencils In particular, ideal for use with the EASYgraph pencil and EASYcolours colouring pencils There are two sharpeners, designed for either left (yellow) or right handed (red) users. ..
Stabilo Swing Cool Highlighters
Chisel tip. 8 flourescent highlighters with pocket clip. Thinner pen-sized highlighters in fashion colours. Rectangle shaped barrel fits snugly in your hand. Works on any paper including fax and carbonless. Assorted colours available: orange, yellow, green, pink,..
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