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Leitz Prestige Active 80mm 180° Lever Arch File

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Leitz Prestige Active 80mm 180° Lever Arch File

Manufacturer's Description

The Prestige design and colours are ideal for creating the right impression. The unique embossed and geometrical Prestige design stands out with the attractive closure. The Leitz Prestige 180° Lever Arch File is an excellent choice for filing. Do your lever arch file prongs always align? By using the Leitz 180° Lever Arch File, the mechanism has been tested 12,000 times and is guaranteed to always align for 5 years - this ensures your documents are secure and don' get damaged or lost.

Do you want to file from both sides? The Leitz 180° mechanism is unique and opens to a full 180°, providing you with a 50% wider opending and the opportunity to file from both sides. This saves 20% of your time filing.

Do you overfill your current lever arch file? The Leitz 180° Lever Arch File holds 600 A4 sheets, which is a further 100 sheets than any other lever arch file. 5 x Leitz 180° Lever Arch Files will hold the same number of documents as 6 standard lever arch files, saving you space.

Product Description

Lever mechanism, turnable by 180 degrees, which helps with easier and smoother filing of sheets for faster filing.

  • Cover embossed with geometrical pattern
  • 180° precision mechanism with 50% wider opening
  • Unique closure with elastic band to ensure documents stay secure
  • With pen holder and inside pockets to store loose papers, CDs and business cards
  • Capacity max. 600 sheets

Colours: Black, White






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