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School Mosaic Artbox - A fabulous project for a rainy wee..

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 Bucket of 12 Sio-2 Colorplus Air Drying Clay 75gm
Coloured natural air-drying clay. No firing is necessary. After drying, it achieves hardness, strength and solidity of fired ceramics ("cold ceramics”). It is available in 12 bright colours: white, yellow, orange, rose, red, brown, light green, green, light blue, blue, lilac and black. ..
School Mosaic Artbox - A fabulous project for a rainy weekend which has a practical or decorative use       Four ceramic tiles (slight damage to tile corners)     300g school mosaic tiles     150g grout for mosaic &nb..
£9.95 £21.45
Modelling Clay 6 Glitter + 6 Fluorescent Colours
High quality, intense colours Does not stick or crumble Does not stain hands Perfect mixing of colours Ideal to develop children creative skills ..
Sio-2 Modelling Clay Tools
This high quality boxwood set comprises 3 modelling tools.     Strong, Durable tools ideal for m.odelling and sculpting clay for shaping as required.     Both ends of the tool can be used to add further functionality     You can use..
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