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BIC Cristal - Medium
An ecomomical, long lasting biro packed with the essential features you'd expect of  a writing instrument. Quality ink, quick drying and smooth writing Tungsten carbide ball, perfect sphere and very resistant Medium point: 1.0mm, line width 0.4mm ..
Blue Gel Pen
Ink level maybe checked through window. Soft & smooth writing high quality ink. Comfortable, rubber and ergonomic grip Fade-resistant, water proof ink. 0.6 mm tip with metal clip Tungsten carbide ball ..
Gorjuss Metallic Gel Pen Set
Just perfectly Gorjuss enough to inspire others!   A set of 4 lovely metallic gel pens in a wonderful little gift box. 4 gel pens with 4 different inks (Metallic blue ink, silver ink, gold ink and metallic purple ink) Pen box size (Approx): 5.3cm wide, 18.5cm high and 2cm..
Gorjuss Pen - gift boxed
Wonderful Gorjuss black ballpoint pens, each in their own pretty little gift box; just perfectly Gorjuss enough to inspire the author in us all!! 3 designs Puddles of Love design Purrfect Love design White Rabbit design   ..
Needle Tip Rollerball Pens - 0.7mm
A rollerball fitted with metal tip for fine and uniform writing. Free ink system. New needle ball-tip. Ball diameter 0.7mm, line width approx 0.3mm Nib - letter trace width 0.3mm, needle nib Ink Colours: Black, Blue, Green and Red ..
Pentel Energel Tradio Gel Pen
  Contemporary looking rollerball with choice of matt black or pearlescent white barrels. Ultra quick drying, smooth flowing EnerGel ink. No smudging - Ideal for both right and left-handed writers with comfortable grooved finger grip for extra control. 0.7mm tip gives app..
Stabilo EASY Original Refills
Easy Original Refills - blue Pack of 3 pen refills in royal blue 0.5mm medium tip suitable for use in Stabilo EASY Original rollerball pens Each refill has a new nib to allow for an easy fit and any general nib damage incurred over the duration of the refill. Royal Blue ..
Stabilo EASY Original Rollerball Pen
The moulded ergonomic non slip grip zone on the EASY pen encourages right and left handed children to hold the pen using the recommended tripod grasp. They grip with less pressure and use less pressure when writing as the ink flows smoothly like a fountain pen. The result is reduced fatigue and..
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