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Stabilo Cappi Colouring Pens
Stabilo Cappi Colouring Pens are superb fibre tipped pens designed for school children that every parent will appreciate. The pen caps can be fitted onto the supplied threaded ring making it almost impossible to lose them. This will help prevent the pen from drying out. The shape of the Stab..
Stabilo EASY Original Refills
Easy Original Refills - blue Pack of 3 pen refills in royal blue 0.5mm medium tip suitable for use in Stabilo EASY Original rollerball pens Each refill has a new nib to allow for an easy fit and any general nib damage incurred over the duration of the refill. Royal Blue ..
Stabilo EASY Original Rollerball Pen
The moulded ergonomic non slip grip zone on the EASY pen encourages right and left handed children to hold the pen using the recommended tripod grasp. They grip with less pressure and use less pressure when writing as the ink flows smoothly like a fountain pen. The result is reduced fatigue and..
. Stabilo Move Easyergo Eraser is the perfect companion to the Stabilo Easygraph pencils. It's design enables little hands to grip well whilst its shapend end allows accurate erasing  of unwanted lines. Available in four colours: Pink, Blue, Green, Orange. 1 eraser supplied. ..
Stabilo EASYGraph Pencil for Left/Right Handed
The Stabilo EasyGraph pencil is the first ergonomically designed wooden graphite pencil which has versions for both left and right handed users.   The pencil has been designed for children learning to write and school children aged five and above. Stabilo EasyGraph pencils..
Stabilo GREENgraph HB Pencil
GREENgraph - Specially developed graphite pencils, made from 100 % FSC-certified wood. FSC represents strictly controlled, ecologically meaningful and sustainable forest management. STABILO is the first FSC-certified writing instruments manufacturer and hence a pioneer in the indus..
Stabilo GREENlighter Bright Colouring Pencils
Fluorescent glow pencil highlighlighters from  Stabilo with a 'Green conscience'   Wood from guaranteed sustainably managed forests 100% FSC Pack of 3 Bright Colours - great for when no show through is of key importance Lead thickness: 5.5 mm Recommended fo..
Stabilo GREENPoint Sign Pen
Long lasting, fast drying vivid ink colours from the Stabilo GreenPoint Sign Pen. Nylon tipped pen with hexagonal orange barrel and a strong, durable tip. 0.8mm line width in long lasting fast drying vivid ink. Used to underline text or daw attention to text by writing in colour. ..
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